M. Marshall’s clients speak out

“Mellanie is a consummate professional and one of the most patient, meticulous, and thorough attorneys I have ever dealt with. I recommend Mellanie without hesitation to anyone interested in hiring a divorce lawyer.”

—Ryan G.
Santa Maria
“I never really expected to get the outcome I did. Mellanie and her staff just made it all happen! I was forced to take my now ex-husband to court to modify the parenting time and to get joint custody of our 4 year old. Ms. Marshall asked me what I wanted and she delivered –in spades. Mellanie or her paralegal always got back to me within 24 hours, and I know how busy she is. M. Marshall’s legal team is the to be highly recommended –considering the circumstances.”
—Joan B
Rancho Cordova

“Mellanie has delivered everything she promised and more for me and my 2 children. She has been the family law expert that I needed and stayed within my budget. I would recommend her to anyone with a family law or child custody issue.”

—Tonda S.
Elk Grove

“I could not be more pleased. Everyone I talked to at Mellanie’s law firm was incredibly polite, helpful and professional. Though I had moved to an adjoining state I just could not be there as it was just too expensive for me to miss work and the cost airfare and lodging to appear at the hearings. Ms. Marshall said she’d make all appearances and make my case as if I were right there, I hired Mellanie over the phone and it could not have gone more smoothly. The opposing counsel was known for being ruthless, but Mellanie was not ruffled and prevailed far more than I could have ever expected with a whole team of lawyers. I would hire her again without hesitation, but I think I’ll remain single for a while and will not likely be in a similar bind ever again.”

—Jerry F

“M. Marshall provided me carefully researched legal advice and then followed through with a pragmatic approach to solving a very complex family court legal matter. She is also a pleasure to work with.”

—Sergio D

“I was very pleased with Mellanie’s professionalism, her willingness to resolve my case quickly and for a reasonable cost. My divorce was very complicated with a number of lawyers involved and Mellanie was always cool, prepared, and was able to keep focus of my personal objectives while cutting through all the needless crap the other lawyers were shotgunning us with. I can’t imagine how any other lawyer could have done any better, or resolving my legal mess any quicker. Her legal fees were very reasonable. I highly recommend her.”

—Paul G

“Mellanie and her staff always made time to listen to my concerns. Getting through a divorce is very stressful and having someone to listen and answer my concerns helped a lot. M. Marshall protected my rights and got me what I wanted (but doubled I’d get) in property settlement and custody. Thank you Mellanie!!”

—Kathleen M
Santa Maria

“My ex-wife filed a modification trying to change school districts, custody and requested a significant increase in spousal support. Because the stakes were so high, Mellanie recommended a sit-down conference (much like a mandatory mediation I attended before the divorce was completed a couple years back). The 4-way meeting was with ex-wife, ex-wife’s lawyer, Mellanie and me to get to the bottom of what they really wanted. My ex’s attorney tried to bully us (and I was nervous – scared) but Ms. Marshall explained to him like a seasoned professor speaking to a clueless freshman student) that we are happy to negotiate in a fair manner –or– we can take it to court where she predicted to them that Mellanie was confident we’d prevail and will even seek to recoup attorney costs for a frivolous action. They stood their ground and we were going to litigate, but the following Monday they contacted us and all but folded but for a token extra 2 days change per month in our shared custody plan. No change of schools, and though I was making a little more money, they dropped the support demands too. While I hope you never face divorce or the years of continuing fallout, if you do find yourself needing a family law attorney with err, umm, ahh ‘Mama Grizzly legal skills…’ call M. Marshall in Old Sac.”

—Dan W
San Ramon