Resources For Single Parents

Santa Maria Resources For Single Parents

Creative Activities to Spark your Imagination

  1. Have a picnic.
  2. Watch the sunset.
  3. Travel to a county park or hilltop early & watch the sunrise.
  4. Read a chapter book aloud to your kids.
  5. Go to an amusement park and ride all the thrill rides!
  6. Go fishing – a lot of inland waterways here.
  7. Sit outside and sip iced tea.
  8. Make fresh lemonade.
  9. Have a water balloon fight.
  10. Camp out in a tent.
  11. Take pictures of the kids having fun!
  12. Eat watermelon outside, and let the juice run all over the place!
  13. Walk in the grass barefoot.
  14. Paint your toenails.
  15. Sleep in at least once; have breakfast in bed.
  16. Find a strawberry stand and have a strawberry shortcake dinner.
  17. Get someone else to take your picture with the kids, smiling and having fun.