Filing for divorce with children in the mix

Divorce is an anxious and emotional time for all family members, especially the children. Fighting over a child in a a divorce action, is one of the hardest and often most emotional aspects of the entire divorce process. Prior to filing for child custody in a divorce, it would be instructive to explore and understand which type of child custody you want. The four types of child custody you can receive during a divorce include: physical custody, sole custody, joint custody, and legal custody.

Physical child custody – gives the right to have the child live with that particular custodial parent.

Sole child custody – gives the right for the child to live with one parent as the other parent is often proved “unfit” in court.

Joint child custody – gives both parents the right for the child live with them usually according to an agreed schedule.

Legal child custody – gives a specific parent both the right and the responsibility to make decisions about a child’s upbringing.